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Quick Waves

June 15, 2017

Hey Friends! 


Today I wanted to share one of my favorite go-to hair tips. I've shared this with my Instagram followers on my insta-story but I figure it is time to get these holy-grail tips in writing! This is the look we are going for: 


I am always on the go and as much as I hate to admit it, I don't really have the time to do my hair to the extent I would want to daily. Doing my hair usually entails a long process: 1. wash and dry 2. straighten hair with iron to tame the frizzy and shapeless hair 3. curl with curling iron. This process takes anywhere from an hour to two hours - depending on if I wash my hair right before. Regardless, it isn't realistic for me to do this on a work day or a day when I just don't have time. 


So this is what I do to get fast, on the go loose beachy waves: 


First off you will need only TWO products. 


1. Long Hair Clips (also known as duck teeth hair clips according to google)

I use a pack of rose gold clips I got from Forever21 a while back. I cannot find them online but here are some links where you can purchase similar ones:  


CONAIR Metal Salon Clips 12pk $3.99

Metal Duckbill Clips by Salon Care $4.59


To be honest the type of clips you use doesn't really matter. They just need to be able to hold half your hair securely. 


2. Moisturizing leave in conditioner  

Recently I have been using Rosarco Milk by Briogeo. This is a reparative leave in conditioning spray. It is super light but it does the trick. The key here is to use a product that is wet but does not dry sticky. It just needs to be conditioning- the look we are going for is loose beachy waves. I also highly recommend any conditioners by the brand It's a 10. I have found that they work well for thick, coarse hair like mine- yet they maintain that light and airy feel that I strive for. 


Rosarco Milk by Briogeo 

Miracle Leave-In Plus Keratin by It's a 10



-Part your hair in two 

-Spray each side with product- enough so your hair is damp. You can brush it through to      make sure the product is evenly distributed

-Twist hair

-Twist twisted hair into a tight spiral cluster and clip 




After clipping the two spirals- you are basically done! I usually leave my hair in these clipped buns for about 30-60 mins. I've even left it like this for longer- the longer you leave it, the more defined your curls will be.  I use this "curling" time to do my make-up or get dressed. I've even gone out in public all clipped in! It definitely looks weird and may generate a few stares- but I swear it is worth it! There have been so many times I've sat in an Uber like this, wondering if the driver actually thinks I will be going out with this Princess Leia-esque hairdo. Little does the driver know, these awkward clusters turn into pretty waves :D 


Once 30 mins or more has passed, you can unclip. I usually run my fingers through the wavy hair to distribute and loosen the curl a little. From there I am ready to go! 


Here are some pictures of my finished looks -all completed using this simple method: 


 (notice I'm in an Uber in the above picture...LOL ) 





 Hope this little quick tip helps you out when you're in a pinch! 


Meant to be,







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