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Meant to be well: Diffuse. Relax.

March 7, 2017

Long time no blog- Let's just say it is so easy to get caught up in life. This brings about my inspiration for today's post: How do you stop and be mindful of the moment?


We have so many constant stressors- for me the top culprits are: work, personal relationships, and my very own expectations and critiques of myself. So where and when do we find the time to just breathe and surround ourselves with just our senses and our own internal serenity?

To be honest, I still don't know, - but recently I have been trying to find my own peace. One thing that has been helping me unwind daily after work or after my workouts, is my new Aromatherapy diffuser. Essential oils have been used for ages for their healing and therapeutic properties. The aromatherapy diffuser is a great tool to use to try to increase mindfulness and that living in the moment feeling we all strive for. In a way it forces you to connect with your emotions through your sense of smell and your surroundings.  I got the idea to try a diffuser after stumbling upon MUJI Boston and their enticing essential oil bar. 

The smell of this store is just captivating. The entire shop has a modern, clean, Japanese is hard to describe but it makes you want to make your life as peaceful as the minimalst ambient music that plays in the background. The diffusers they sell are a bit pricey so I decided to do my research first. I found the URPOWER diffuser on Amazon for $19.95, which was about the price I was willing to pay to try out this whole diffuser thing.



I like how it functions as a humidifier and has changing LED colors- yet you can choose to set it to a color of your choice. I like mine set on the minimalist white/yellow shade, mimicking those found at MUJI. I got the smaller 100mL diffuser just because my studio apartment is tiny and I figured I'd start with the small one to see how I liked it. They do have a larger, 500mL one available for $29.79 (I will provide links below if you are interested in checking them out!)  I do like how they have a setting that allows you to set it to an intermittent mist or continuous mist. This is nice if you ever feel that the smell is getting to be overpowering. I found that if you put 2-3 drops of the essential oils in the small diffuser, it is perfect, however sometimes those drops come out fast! so be careful! 


I found a few reasonably priced essential oils by the brands PlantLife and Scentuals at my local TJMaxx. Both brands are 100% chemical free and all natural. The essential oils are plant based and created in small batches to ensure their quality. After reading a little about both brands, I can see that their mission is inline with my goal of creating an all natural, cruelty free, spa like experience for myself in my home.  


My biggest thing about these oils is that they are all natural, nothing synthetic. I am a long time candle addict- going back to the ol' Bath and Body Works 2 for $20 3-wick candle sale... yes, before they changed it to 2 for $22 LOL...  Though I still love a good candle, there is something reassuring about knowing that you are breathing in natural, chemical free, plant based product. 


In terms of the oils and their purposes - here is a little information about the few that I've chosen to give a try: 


  • LAVENDER- Calming aroma for relaxing and distressing. Great for soothing nerves and can help with insomnia. I have been using this one before bed to help me get into a more relaxed mindset.

  • EUCALYPTUS- great for promoting healthy breathing and fighting off a persistent cough. This was helpful when I was trying to bounce back from the flu.

  • GRAPEFRUIT- this citrus scent is known for it's positive antidepressant effect and its anti-microbial properties. It helps promote wellness by fighting off airborne pathogens and it also works to increase your energy. I've been using this during the days when I've felt a little unmotivated or discouraged and needed a little boost of energy


Whether you believe in the benefits of essential oils or not, this is definitely a way you can attempt to create a serene environment for yourself. It has been allowing me to consciously decide what it is I want to feel. I want to feel more relaxed, more energized. Is it a placebo? Maybe. but that doesn't matter because it has me on the right path to achieve the calm state of mind I crave. 


So I dare you to take a moment--think about what it is you want to feel and what you can do in THIS moment to try to get there.


Meant to be, 


Products mentioned: 

~URPOWER diffuser-

~Scentuals essential oils -

~Plantlife essential oils -


*this is not a sponsored post. I purchased everything mentioned in this post and all opinions are my own



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